Age groups and weight limits

Category is based on age at end of the year (31 December 2019). Junior class races are split in two depending on birth year. According to the DFfR byelaws the Umpires may, at their own discretion, request proof of identity and age and may reject athletes unable to comply.
Lightweight (LW) rowers Weight limits
Junior B women 15/16 years 57,5 kg
Junior B men 15/16 years 67,5 kg
Junior A women 17/18 years 60,0 kg
Junior A men 17/18 years 70,0 kg
Women / Master 61,5 kg
Men / Master 75,0 kg

In the crew competitions (relay races 5xx and 7xx) the individual weight limits apply.

All lightweight rowers must weigh-in between one and two hours before their first competition; please respect these time-limits, so rushes and excessive queueing may be avoided.

NB! At the weigh-in all rowers must state their name, nationality and race number(s).

Additional information for races

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to seed the entries. Races may be combined (i.e. run concurrently) depending on the number of entries. In races with many participants, two or more final heats will be rowed with seedings based on the qualifying times entered during registration. The fastest time decides the winner regardless of the heat placement.

Information for para rowers

We welcome para athletes to the event. Para athletes must be classified by FISA in order to participate. The list of FISA classified athletes can be found at

Athletes wishing to become classified at this event must have all documentation completed (FISA Diagnostic form and supplemental medical documentation) as described in the FISA guidelines on and submitted by their National Federation through the FISA pre-classification portal. This documentation must be entered no later than 26 December 2018. The classification panel will take place in Copenhagen at or near the competition venue the day before the event, i.e. on 25 January 2019. We will send more detailed information directly to candidates no later than 3 January 2019. For questions about classification, please email

All para athletes must bring their own tools and fixtures required for racing on a standard Concept2 erg.

Relay competition
(races 5xx and 7xx)

Each team will row on one single ergometer. The change-overs must be done on the fly and within a 100m section at each quarter of the distance. The race result includes the time spent on change-overs.

All team participants must weigh-in at least one hour prior to start of the race and teams will be given a handicap based on gender, age and weight. Athletes failing to weigh-in in due time will be assigned a standard weight by the Organizers (80 kg for women and 110 kg for men).

Medal ceremony

All winners receive a medal.

Additionally, in race 301 and 302 (all classifications) and 405-408 winners are declared European Rowing Indoor Champion 2019 and receive a special medal. Furthermore, the best placed Danish participant following the Danish race regulations in Ergometerreglementet will be declared Danish champion.

Victory ceremonies will be held after the finish of the immediately following race. However, to secure a timely completion of the event, the Organizers reserve the right to group ceremonies; this will be announced in the final race schedule.

Insurance and medical recommendation

Indoor rowing racing requires maximal effort, and the Organizers take no responsibility for illness or injury caused as a consequence of participation. If you have any doubts, you should seek medical advice before racing. A paramedical team will be present at the venue on competition day.

All participants, coaches, assistants and spectators must carry sufficient personal insurance. The Organizers accept no responsibility for injuries, loss or damage occurring at the venue or during the event.

Doping control

The National Anti-Doping Rules as well as the World Anti-Doping Code will apply. FISA will conduct doping tests during the event.

Opening hours of the venue

Day Regatta Office Warm-up area Scales
Friday, Jan. 25 17:00 – 20:00 17:00 – 20:00 17:00 – 20:00
Saturday, Jan 26 6:45 – 17:30 6:45 – 17:00 6:45 – 16:30

Weigh-in times will be announced in the final start list on 18 January 2019.